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We “Crescent Polyvinyl Pvt. Ltd.” are contributing all our resources by manufacturing, exporting and supplying of PVC Leather Cloth.

Who we are

We are manufacturing prime quality PVC Leather products that add elegance with class. Many of us be in style, and being in style often takes decent and alluring stuff. When it comes to upholstery, Vinyl as PVC Leather Cloth, that acts for rendering Royal Style. Synthetic Leather or PVC Leather cloth is also being used in other applications equally adds versatile utility with wear and tear and fire resistance. With this, we are ruling in Style since 2009 as Crescent Polyvinyl, with an annual turnover of near about 190 crores approx. and having PVC Coating unit. Installed  capacity 30,000 meter per day presently utilized only 50% capacity in General Shift basis.
We are into this business of Vinyl’s as PVC Leather cloth manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of artificial and synthetic leather. These are most preferred material used by  Furniture and Furnishings Sports industry in making soccer balls, players gloves; automobile industry make car upholstery or seat covers. Consumer goods like: Laptop bags, Leather bags, Sofa sets, Belts, Specs covers are made from Synthetic and artificial leather. 

We are a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of innovative product of  PVC Leather Cloth. The offered product range is appreciated for flawless finish, smooth texture and elegant design as per sigmentwise  & replacement Market requirement .

OUR MOTTO: Crescent Polyvinyl aims at being the epitome of manufacturing, exporting and distribution of PVC Leather Cloths in India and around the globe.

OUR EDGE: We are a manufacturing company that produces the most prime and supreme PVC Leather Cloth quality in today’s market. Our state of the art factory designs produces one of the finest synthetic leather products your eyes have seen. We have a supply chain that is growing every hour with the huge demand for our high-quality products which is coupled by a distribution network with an outreach capability around the globe. Talking about global outreach, we are the primary exporters of quality PVC leather products to more than 10 markets worldwide.

OUR DRIVE: To produce such a high-quality grade product what we have come up with is massive state of the art factories which facilitate and impart the proficient talent pool of amazing chemists and Polymer scientists, who work with advanced technologies to come up such an EUREKA! Of a product. Our  infrastructures are identical in design which ensures the same quality all across coupled with Quality testing equipment ensuring that our product line is meeting the industry standards of product design.

OUR PASSION: As we employ the best talent who work in the sublime facility to produce an array of 500+ print PVC Leather Cloth designs that is spread across the Automotive, Luggage, Foot ware and Furniture industry. Our ingenious and innovative designs are tailored in such a way that they are versatile for use in any form and specification. That is a promise that we abide by. And even if you don’t notice us, our product might be right there with you - in your car and maybe on your sofa!

Future Expansion:

Besides the Company’s existing products (including new manufactured products) of PVC leather cloth, furnishing fabric, etc. under the ‘CRESCENT’ brand, the Company intends to further increase its product portfolio by undertaking an expansion program in the current financial year by aquiring new factory land & Building . We have already under process a ready constructed land and building with ready infrastructure like well-planned factory shed, administrative office, sanctioned & connected power of 110KVA . We are in process to install new plant and Machinery  for value added product like PVC Vinyl Flooring , PVC Film Etc. 



What we do

If we take a look back a few years, the major industries making use of materials for their line-up of products be it cars, furniture, baggage or footwear, all seem to had but a few options ranging from fabrics to genuine leather. However, if you take a seat back and look at the current market trend all you can see is synthetic leather almost everywhere. The primary reason for that is that synthetic leather possesses so many advantages over its counter parts that it may now be considered the king of fabrics. Listing the advantages, for starters, leatherette sits right in between the low-cost fabric and genuine leather in terms of cost. And the tendency of major industry leaders is to switch from these low-cost fabrics or expensive genuine leather to synthetic leather. What has brought about this change, you ask, is the more efficient production process in the synthetic leather arena. Let’s take a look at the different products across the industries and their advantages.

PRODUCT SOLUTION: Crescent Polyvinyl is focused on delivering in the excess of 30,000+ Meter products per day across the following industries:

  5. SPORTS 

Why Choose Us


Crescent Polyvinyl has a high-tech and really Developed infrastructure facilities available according to the demands of the consumer of upcoming generation. There available resources support them to develop and produce the product in a more efficient way offered in a huge quantity. The infrastructure encompasses manufacturing unit, quality control unit, administrative and warehouse unit as well. This always helped the Crescent Polyvinyl to deliver the bulk consignment successfully on and in time as well.   THE TEAM Crescent Polyvinyl is really a quality conscious establishment. There designers prototype the product in an adherence way towards the global quality level.


Crescent Polyvinyl has a wide variety of Synthetic PVC Leather Cloth or artificial Leather. Our products cater to different markets and are fast replacing genuine leather due to its unique features. We have a multi-processing setup which gives us the ability to manufacture both solid and expanded Leather Cloth with an option of unsupported and supported specifications. Be it Automotive, Home Goods, Stationary, Footwear, Fashion or Furnishings, you will see our products everywhere! Crescent Polyvinyl adds specific features to its Artificial Leather range to meet the usability standards. You will see our products having unique features such as stain resistance and temperature stabilization for automotive, while Cold Crack and High Abrasion resistance for Footwear.


Crescent Polyvinyl manufactures most of its textile substrate requirements in-house in order to maintain quality consistency. From Non-Woven, Polyesters, Nylon, Cotton to Specific Blends, no matter what your substrate and product requirement, we have got you covered.


Unparalleled design range with over 300 embossing designs and 500 print designs to choose from, Crescent Polyvinyl has the most advanced coating plant in the country, with an all Advance set-up starting from power generators to the coating lines and post processing machines. We operate coating lines, 2 laminators, 2 multi-colour printers, 2 tumbling machines, 2 pilot sampling lines, a perforation line and an automated packing line at our Leatherette manufacturing units. Crescent Polyvinyl also has 1 R&D centres which is in Pune to develop custom spec material with immense accuracy. Also, we are the only Indian manufacturers that can manufacture PVC, Vinyl Flooring Cloth in width up to 2 meters and recycle all its waste including air fumes, generated from our facility.


Crescent’s Synthetic Leather range is offered country wide by direct sales and a network of distributors focused on specific products. We keep ourselves updated with the market and introduce new products and designs on a monthly basis. The largest component of Artificial or Synthetic Leather sales at Crescent Polyvinyl is the automotive sector, where we are one of the biggest suppliers to auto giants in India and abroad.


Internationally, Crescent Polyvinyl has a network of distributors in GCC countries that cover all continents in terms of local support. These distributors stock the entire leather cloth range and offer installation assistance too. Crescent Polyvinyl is one of the largest exporters of PVC Leather and Vinyl Flooring Cloth in India, with it earning various awards for the achievement.

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 Furniture & Furnishing Industry
Furniture & Furnishing Industry

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Automotive Industry- 2, 3 & 4 Wheeler
Automotive Industry- 2, 3 & 4 Wheeler

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Soft Luggage Industry
Soft Luggage Industry

Handbags or carry bags have always been a form of fashion statement. PVC leather can make this possible because the vast amount of designs in color an...

Footwear Industry
Footwear Industry

Crescent vinyl also manufactures footwear PVC skins. This footwear vinyl for use as soles for boots, leather shoe lining, etc. are made long lasting a...

SPORT Goods Industry
SPORT Goods Industry

We also supply vinyl skins to World's Sports Industries. Many sports goods products are made up of leather. It applied on sports goods items renders c...

Indian Railway
Indian Railway

In Railways, the material for seat berths fabric is the key technical textile usage. Material used in the berths is polyurethane foam and rexine cloth...


We render its Vinyl to almost each industry including Stationery, manufactured in Delhi. In daily use   stationery, it is being useful in files, ...

GARMENT Industry
GARMENT Industry

Vinyl is made up of PVC leather cloth, Synthetic leather, PVC coated fabric and faux leather. Vinyl fabric and textiles are being used for manufacturi...

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