Our plants


Crescent Polyvinyl Pvt. Ltd. has a high-tech and really Developed infrastructure facilities available according to the demands of the consumer of upcoming generation. There available resources support them to develop and produce the product in a more efficient way offered in a huge quantity. The infrastructure encompasses manufacturing unit, quality control unit, administrative and warehouse unit as well. This always helped the Crescent Polyvinyl to deliver the bulk consignment successfully on and in time as well.   THE TEAM Crescent Polyvinyl is really a quality conscious establishment. There designers prototype the product in an adherence way towards the global quality level. Equipped, Efficient, Modern and Robust are a few adjectives that define our infrastructure. With every passing year, our infrastructure has been modernized and upgraded. Increase in output, reduction in energy consumption, reduction in CO2 emissions, improvements in plant safety and higher quality output have been achieved.

Existing manufacturing Unit At Sanaswadi , Pune , India

Established in 2009 this plant serves as the primary producer of Artificial Leather for the company. It houses our main R&D facility. This plants has 1 coating lines with an installed and fully utilized capacity of 5 to 6 Hundred Thousand Linear meters per month. We are a manufacturing company that produces the most prime and supreme PVC Leather Cloth quality in today’s market. Our state of the art factory designs produces one of the finest synthetic leather products your eyes have seen. We have a supply chain that is growing every hour with the huge demand for our high-quality products which is coupled by a distribution network with an outreach capability around the globe. Talking about global outreach, we are the primary exporters of quality PVC leather products to more than 10 markets worldwide.  

Future Expansion Plan

The Company is proposed to purchase new ready factory premises near by existiting unit . This new plant constructed in a land area of 240,000 Sq Ft.  with  Buildup area of factory building  29643 sq.ft along with the  Fully Furnished Office,Security Cabin, other Utilities Etc with connected Power set up of 110 KVA. Company will install new sofasitcated state of the art plant & Machinery for producing high quality pvc leather cloth as well as Pvc vinyl flooring and pvc film etc as innovative &  value addition product .  Company also proposed  to install in new additional plant  as  textile division where knitted fabric is produced which is  used as a backing cloth for PVC  coated fabric as  backword integration for in house production . It will help us to increase our turnover and profitabality of the company.