Research & Development

Nothing is as old as yesterday's innovations: Crescent Polyvinyl Pvt.Ltd. is seeking the solutions of tomorrow's problems already today. That way, we strive for our success in the world markets setting new standards in product performance. We are continuously working on innovative products, production processes, and new working methods. Crescent Polyvinyl Pvt. Ltd.’s research and development (R&D) is essential to maintain the company's competitive position and engage in pioneering work. Credit of this success may go to our R&D, QC and Production team which enable us to render consistency in quality with competitive prices

We have received ISO Certification “ISO 9001: 2015” for our sanaswadi plant. Research and Development plays a key role in differentiating our products from other manufacturers of artificial leather. Our R&D brings in that extra dimension in us that keeps us ahead of major players in the industry. It also allows us to bring in new textures, colors, patterns, with various types of thickness/ gauges & functionalities and utilities. Teaming up with the best brains in the industry and understanding the dynamically changing trends in fashion and functionality, we have developed a range of leather textures and colors that are inspired from our day-to-day products, nature, fauna and flora. Traditionally leather was associated with earthly colors, but until recently our R&D wing has demonstrated out some exemplary capacities and innovation in developing unique textures and patterns. Inspirations of these ideas are found anywhere from our surroundings. Wood patterns, leaves, fruits, animal hides and endless human imagination are sources to these marvelous products.